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Hello this is my blog for random writing stuff.
Are you serious?

"Hey, they’re having a sale in the book store downtown, do you wanna come with me?" [Name] asked, standing outside of the Silver’s room. "The sale only goes for one day, so we’ve gotta get going now or there won’t be anything good left. The other guys already said they were all for it, so we’re just waiting on you."

"Don’t bother waiting for me anymore, then. I don’t want to go to some damn sale. Too many people there." Silver grumbled, turning his back to the girl.

"Fine, fine. Suit yourself. We’ll be gone for a while, so if you need anything you’re pretty much on your own, since mom is busy working." She shrugged, "But if you get lonely you can always call me."

Silver’s face burned as he huffed and hastily answered, “Like I would get lonely. Just go already.”

"Okay! Don’t go in my room!" [Name] yelled as she ran down the stairs to the front door.

The redhead sat silently until he heard the front door close. Finally he was, practically, alone. He could finally do what he’d been wanting to do for a while.

Twenty minutes had passed when [Name] quietly snuck back into the house. She had forgotten her phone and didn’t realize it until they had already made it half-way to the book store. The boys had continued on without her at her request.

She quietly walked up the stairs, not wanting to disturb the silence in the house. As she got to the top of the staircase, she heard Silver quietly swearing to himself. Curious as to what he was doing, [Name] tiptoed over to his room and peeked in.

"Damn it, Otome! Can’t you see Minami is the guy for you?! Not that fucking Amane guy!" Silver swore at his laptop.

[Name]’s jaw dropped. Was he reading manga? She paused and then tapped her chin. Wait… Hadn’t she heard those names before?

"Damn it!!" Silver yelled out, standing up from his seat and slamming his hands on his desk.

"Silver?" [Name] took a step into the room and tried to peek at the laptop, "What are you doing?"

He snapped around, a horrified expression on his face. There were tears in his eyes, and his face had turned beet red.

That was when she saw it. The thing he was reading.

It was Cherry Juice.

"….Are you serious?"

"Shut up!!"

When did this happen

"What the fuck are we supposed to do while [Name] and Mom are on their ‘girls day out’?" Silver grumbled, lying face down on [Name’s] bed.

"There’s nothing to do when [Name] isn’t around." Barry whined, rolling on the floor.

Wally stood awkwardly in the doorway, “Guys, I don’t think we should be hanging out in [Name’s] room when she isn’t around..”

"Oh shut up." Silver waved his hand, "We’re not doing anything wrong just hanging out here. Besides, what else are we supposed to do? Hang out in our own rooms?"

Wally opened his mouth and then closed it. He quickly looked around and then sighed and walked into the room, “I guess as long as we’re just…hanging out.”

Barry sat up from the floor with a devious grin on his face, “Guys I just got a really cool idea.”

He then stood up and walked toward the dresser across the room. With an extremely serious face he slowly opened the top drawer.

"B-Barry what are you doing?!" Wally rushed over to try to stop the blond, but he was too late.

"Whoa! Check it out!" He grinned and turned around with a semi-laced, black bra. "I didn’t know [Name] was into lace!"

Silver propelled himself off of the bed and made a b-line for Barry. “What the fuck are you trying to do?! Get us kill-” He stopped himself as his gaze fixed itself on the bra.

A moment of silence passed as the three boys stared at the simple bra. They weren’t exactly sure why they were so fascinated by it, but they just couldn’t look away.

Finally, Silver cleared his throat awkwardly and turned his head toward the drawer, “So there are, uh…other things in there right?”

Wally’s eyes widened as he realized what he was doing, “Wait, Silver, you shouldn’t—”

"Hey, what are you guys do—" Gary walked into the room, stopping mid-sentence as he spotted Barry with a bra in his hands, and Silver with a pair of panties in his hands.

"What is it?" N walked past Gary and felt his shoulders stiffen at the sight in front of him.

No one said anything. They just stared at each other.

"Why is everyone in [Name’s] room?" Cheren stepped inside the eerily quiet room.

More silence.

"So, uh…" Gary looked at Barry, "Is it soft?"

Barry’s grin returned as he held the bra close to his chest, “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. You’ll never know!”

Before Gary could say anything in retaliation, they heard the front door being unlocked.

"Shit! We have to get out of here!" Silver quickly shoved the pair of panties back into the drawer and ran out of the room with the other boys at his heels.

"Aw man!" Barry reluctantly put the bra back and slammed the drawer shut before running out behind the other guys.

They all rushed to the living room and sat down. Beads of nervous sweat rolled down their necks and backs as the front door opened.

"We’re hooome!" [Name] called out. "Oh, you’re all downstairs."

"You boys all look nervous. Did something happen while we were out?" Mom closed the door behind her.

The boys quickly glanced at each other. No one was willing to speak up.

[Name] quirked an eyebrow at the boys’ odd behavior, but shook her head. “Whatever. As long as you guys weren’t in my room, I don’t care what happened.”

Wally whimpered quietly and Barry quickly covered the other boys mouth and shook his head with wide eyes.

Mom tapped her chin, “Well I suppose I could just check the master computer to see what you all were up to.”

The boys weren’t allowed in [Name’s] room for weeks after that.

Bathroom battle

Beep beep beep beep— 

N quickly turned off his alarm and snuck out of his bed. If he wasn’t quick enough, he wouldn’t get there in time. His pace quickened when he heard another set of footsteps. There wasn’t any doubt that those footsteps were Silver’s.

“Not today,” N whispered as he sprinted toward the bathroom door.

“Oh no you don’t!” Silver whisper-yelled as he sprinted after the older boy.

They both reached the bathroom door and glared at each other.

“I obviously got here first.” N put his hand on the doorknob.

“No fucking way, I did!” Silver put his hand on top of N’s, squeezing it roughly.

As they continued to glare at each other, they noticed that the door was already locked. Which meant someone else had gotten to the bathroom…before them?! And what’s more, they heard the shower running.

Silver knocked on the door in frustration, “Hey, what’s the deal!? No one else was supposed to be awake, yet!”

The shower was shut off and the boys looked at each other in anticipation. Just who the hell had gotten to the bathroom before them? The door was slowly unlocked and the door swung inward.

A very annoyed Mom stood in the doorway with a towel around her body, dripping wet and tapping her foot, “Now, boys…What have I told you about being loud so early in the morning?”

The boys looked at each other and put their heads down in shame, “S-sorry, ma’am…”